We’ve Got a Big Announcement

To Our Friends, Allies and Supporters,

After an incredible first two years, the Board of Directors has been engaged in assessing and reflecting on all of the growth and achievements, and is making space for the next iteration of executive leadership which will center those most impacted by the criminal legal system. As part of this process, the Board has asked Elisheva and Meredith to step down from their roles as Executive Co-Directors and they graciously accepted.

We will be spending this year deeply engaged in leadership development, organizational reflection, and the process of hiring a new Director(s), and expanding our Board of Directors. Now that we have cemented our space in this work we are excited to have the capacity to focus on the type of internal development which leads to strong organizational habits and a well-cared for staff and membership.

The search for the next Director(s) will move strategically and intentionally over the course of 2021 to involve staff, volunteer leaders, members, and of course partners in a process that reflects our organizational value of collaborative decision-making.

Michigan Liberation will also continue our campaign and program work, with a particular focus on pre-trial reforms like ending cash bail, Good Time (ending Truth in Sentencing), ending the school to prison pipeline, phone justice (free phone calls from jails and prisons), prosecutor accountability, court watching, divest/invest, police accountability, and municipal elections. The Board will be elevating an interim staff leadership team to keep the work moving forward.

Meredith and Elisheva’s transition will include various processes that finalize the details of what is next to come and will be completed by April 2nd. Elisheva’s next steps include the formation of a new organization focused on criminal justice reforms, women’s reproductive health, and Participatory Defense. This new organization will partner with Michigan Liberation as there are opportunities to do so. Meredith will initially be taking some time off to recharge, and has several exciting options for what’s next. Both directors will stay involved and part of the Michigan Liberation family and will be thoroughly celebrated as they depart from their roles.

In Solidarity,

Board of Directors

Questions or comments can be directed to Rebecca Gray, Board Secretary: rebecca.suzanne.gray@gmail.com