End Cash Bail
    To eliminate the courts’ ability to set cash bail without considering a defendant's ability to pay, especially when the relatively low bail amounts could leave defendants in jail due to their inability to pay.
    To learn more and get involved, email:
    Nell Hearns: nell@miliberation.org

    Clean Slate
    It is an effort to connect clients with attorneys to support them through the expungement process. It also links applicants with job opportunities and readiness programs.
    To learn more and get involved, email:
    Booker T. Walker: booker@miliberation.org

    Interview: Booker T Walker - WDET 101.9 FM

      Good Time
      To restore good time credits to the residents of MDOC by eliminating truth in sentencing practices currently in legislation.
      To learn more and get involved, email:
      Demetrius Knuckles: demetrius@miliberation.org 
      Nell Hearns: nell@miliberation.org

      Interview: Kim Woodson Interview - Fox 2


      Care Not, Criminalization
      Aimed at identifying building power in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County by connecting with and developing the leadership of those who have been directly impacted by the criminalization of mental health and substance use. 
      To learn more and get involved, email:
      Ashley Daniels: ashley@miliberation.org
      Quintin Sproull: quintin@miliberation.org

      Interview Anthony Boyd & Debbie Stepnioski - WXYZ Channel 7