Some of Michigan Liberation's Staff & Core Team Members 

Who we are
We believe in a radical transformation of our society. One of the places where we have begun our work is a focus on healing our communities from the pain and trauma caused by the criminal legal system. As organizers, we find other people who want to get involved in changing the things that hurt us. Together, we envision a new world, fight for policies that bring us closer to that world or create our systems, if need be, and elect people who represent our values.

We believe people who have been incarcerated & their loved ones need to be the people leading this work on how we transform our criminal justice system. One of our main focuses is on training and developing people to become these leaders. 
Our staff can build teams deeply in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties. We are working on sustainably supporting people in other regions who want to transform the criminal legal system in their counties.




Ash Daniels
Care, Not Criminalization 
Lead Organizer

Booker T. Walker 
Clean Slate 
Base Building Organizer

Demetris Knuckles El
Good Time/ Second Look
Base Building Organizer

Quintin Sproull
Care, Not Criminalization 
Base Building Organizer

Nell Hearns
End Cash Bail/Good Time
Lead Organizer

Tim Christensen
Deputy Director

Communications Staff

Jamay Stokes
Digital Media Manager

Marjon Parham 
Communications Director


Jasmine Baker 
HR Manager

Matt Hollerback
Administrative Manager

Stephaine Tinsley 
Executive Assistant

Rai LaNier
Executive Director